About Kate Thomas

Maggie (right) and Kate Thomas (left)

Kate Thomas is an editor, writer, and web designer. She lives with a nerdy Australian and a neurotic dog in Seattle, Washington, where umbrellas are frowned upon, a church Starbucks is on every corner, and the rent is too damn high. She’s generally pleased with life, once you chip away at her hard, outer shell of cynicism.

Fantastikate is Kate’s old-school blog where you’ll find interesting media of all kinds, alongside stories from her personal life and her dirty, heathen thoughts on politics and religion. (Don’t say you weren’t warned.) You won’t see clickbait, but you will see pictures of the aforementioned dog (a.k.a., Maggie). Most importantly, there is no commenting system. If there ever is, you can expect it to be heavily moderated.

If you’d like to get in touch with Kate, send her an email.

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